NSX Exploration: On maps and territories

For your purpose there are several maps of NSX to assist in building your mental map of the NSX territory.

1. The NSX Design Guide
2. The Brownfield Deployment guide.
3. The VCP6-NV blueprint

Ultimately, you can read these over and over yet still not know the place.

How should you, as an NSX Explorer, best know the territory? To do this, you’ll need to visit its shores, smell its wind and feel its dirt beneath your feet.

The NSX Explorer, like most explorers, requires a set of skills to survive and progress. What are those skills?

Knowledge of: switching and routing.
Framing, Packets, and Ports+: Ethernet, IP, UDP/TCP
What do switches do that hubs do not? How do they do this?
ARP: Known IP to Unknown MAC
RIB: The three ways of building the route table.
Experience doing the following:

Hypervisor concepts:
The four properties of system virtualization. (thanks Carl Waldspurger)
The vSphere Virtual Switches and their components
Packet Walks on aforementioned vSwitches.

How to query for MACs on internal vSwitch on ESXi


Labs that feature NSX:
HOL-1703-SDC-1 – VMware NSX: Introduction and Feature Tour
HOL-1703-USE-2 – VMware NSX: Distributed Firewall with Micro-Segmentation
HOL-1703-USE-3 – VMware NSX: Operations and Visibility
HOL-1705-SDC-1 – Site Recovery Manager: Data Center Migration and Disaster Recovery
HOL-1706-SDC-1 – Cloud Management Platform: Integrating the Parts
HOL-1706-USE-7 – SAP on VMware SDDC: Design and Management Overview
HOL-1720-SDC-1 – VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) with vSphere and NSX
HOL-1721-USE-2 – vRealize Automation 7 Advanced
HOL-1723-SDC-1 – Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform with VMware NSX
HOL-1724-SDC-1 – Advanced SDDC Security with Check Point vSEC and NSX
HOL-1725-SDC-1 – VMware NSX Advanced Consumption
HOL-1725-USE-2 – VMware NSX Multi-Site DR with SRM
HOL-1729-SDC-1 – Introduction to vRealize Network Insight
HOL-1741-USE-1 – Horizon and NSX: Use Cases to Secure and Protect Healthcare
HOL-1751-MBL-6 – Horizon 7 Advanced Concepts
HOL-1782-HBD-1 – VMware vCloud Air – Data Center Extension
HOL-MBL-1661 Delivering Secure Healthcare Desktops with Horizon and NSX
HOL-PRT-1672 Deploying Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform with VMware NSX
HOL-SDC-1402 – vSphere Distributed Switch from A to Z
HOL-SDC-1425 – VMware NSX Advanced
HOL-SDC-1603 VMware NSX Introduction